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Rose Bud Ltd
Rosebud Ltd Free Zone undertaking planting, grading, harvesting, packaging and Export of sweetheart and intermediate cut Roses
Mahathi Infra(U) Ltd
Free Port Zone undertaking the storage , transportation and transhipment of fuel to compliment Ugand's oil exports
Nilus Group Ltd Free Zone
Nilus Group Ltd Free Zone, processors of green leaf tobbaco for export
Seco Marine (U) Ltd Free Port
Seco Marine (U) Ltd Free Port Zone carrying out the business of Ship Assembling and Cold storage Managment
The Uganda China (Guangdong)
Free Zone of International Co-operation, manufacturers of phosphate fertilizers
Shree Modern Textiles Ltd Free
Shree Modern Textiles Ltd Free Zone dealing in Ginning , weaving and Textile making
Wagagai Mining (U) Ltd Free Zone
Wagagai Mining (U) Ltd Free Zone who are mining gold in Busia, eastern uganda
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Uganda Free Zones Authority (UFZA) is a Government Agency that regulates and licenses Export Processing Zones and Free Port Zones for the purpose of creating opportunities for export-oriented investment and job creation.

Free Zones are designated areas in Uganda where duty free goods are stored, manufactured and or processed for export.

All domestic and foreign investors who export 80% and more of their enterprise output are eligible to invest in Free Zones.

"Since our region is endowed with a lot of natural resources, including reasonable supplies of fresh water, we need and we can work together to harness the opportunities" – H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda


Both local and foreign business enterprises are eligible to be licensed to develop and operate a Free Zone provided they fulfill the following: for more details


Complete the application form UFZA (1) for a Developer’s licence.  Please use bold print. Please pay particular attention to the following sections.


Developers and Operators wishing to join the Free Zones program areclassified into three categories depending on the nature of business they undertake.


Incorporate or register a company with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) for the sole purpose of developing a Free Zone in Uganda



Market Driven Products

Pharmaceutical/cosmetic products, Packaging, Textiles and apparels, Electronic and electrical goods, Plastics, Transport Equipment, Building materials, Printing and publishing

Export Services

Business Process Outsourcing, Printing and Publishing, Export Marketing, Support Services, Transport Services, Education Services, Export of Consultancy and Professional Services

Commercial trading

Regional Distribution Centers, Order taking and re-packing, Bulk-breaking and trading operations

Resource Based Products

Commercial agriculture and agro-processing, Food Processing, Forestry and related products, Livestock and Dairy products, Fishing, Mining, Oil and



Twitter Feed

On Friday, 15th September 2023, we held a meeting with Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) @EPRC_official to discuss the framework and modalities for conducting policy research on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Uganda.


Today, Uganda Free Zones Authority engaged the Federation of Uganda Employers about the Free Zones/Special Economic Zones Scheme in Uganda, its benefits and opportunities, and the potential areas of partnership


TODAY: The @ED_UFZA and his team had a fruitful engagement with Brig. Gen. Charles Kisembo, the Director of the National Leadership Institute- Kyankwanzi (NALI) and his team, with whom they discussed areas of synergy and cooperation for the development of our country


EARLY THIS WEEK: We held a meeting with Mama Keita (Ms.), the Director of the sub-regional office for East Africa of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) with whom we discussed areas of synergy and support to the Authority to boost exports

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