Uganda is extremely resourceful with great potential to develop into Africa’s top investment destination in Free Zones.

In order to operate within Uganda’s free trade zones, there are some licensing guidelines that must be followed.

Got Questions about the UFZA. We have all the Answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions section

Investment Opportunities in Uganda

Resource Based Products

Commercial agriculture and agro-processing, Food Processing, Forestry and related products, Livestock and Dairy products, Fishing & Mining, Oil and Gas, Tourism

Export Services

Business Process Outsourcing, Printing and Publishing, Export Marketing Support Services, Transport Services, Education Services, Export of Consultancy and Professional Services

Market-driven products

Pharmaceutical/cosmetic products, Packaging, Textiles and apparels, Electronic and electrical goods, Plastics, Transport Equipment, Building materials, Printing and publishing

Commercial Trading

Regional Distribution Centres, Order taking and re-packing, Bulk-breaking and trading operations

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