]Uganda Free Zones Authority (UFZA) is a Statutory Body established by the Free Zones Act, 2014, for the purpose of creating opportunities for export-oriented investment and job creation. Our mandate is to develop, manage, market, maintain, supervise and control Free Zones.


To establish industrial infrastructure, attract Developers and Operators and provide innovative investor support services.

The Authority provides all the necessary support in the promotion and facilitation of export-oriented investments in the Free Zones. UFZA  regulates the framework of how projects in Free Zone  operate, addresses infrastructural and institutional constraints to enable efficient export-led production.


To be the Facilitator of Choice for Export-oriented Investment


Quality: We ensure that our Stakeholders get useful and worthy services at all times.

Client-centric: We understand our clients’ needs and consistently deliver on our promises.

Integrity: We adhere to high ethical principles and standards while doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Teamwork: We complement each other’s’ skills to create a chain of desired results.

Innovation: We create and nurture opportunities that allow for technological advancement.

Efficiency: Our clients are assured of a quick turn-around time on facilitation services.



UFZA intends to provide one of the best investment environments by:

1. Prior to Investment

  • Providing knowledge on the Ugandan business environment, investment opportunities and rules of operation
  • Identifying and mapping areas to be declared as Free Zones
  • Approving the development and site plans in Free Zones
  • Examining and processing applications for designation of Free Zones and issuing Free Zone developer licenses
  • Issuing licenses for Free Zone developers and operators
  • Acting as a trustee as well as a nominee shareholder on behalf of the government in any business relating to Free Zones including the provision of legal advice on the registration requirements with the different Government agencies

2. After Licensing

  • Liaising with different Agencies to ensure that all required measures to facilitate the business activities in a Free Zone are identified.
  • Providing Legal advice to persons undertaking development or management of Free Zones.
  • Generating public understanding of the necessity for a strong private sector involvement in the establishment and operation of Free Zones.
  • Connecting the domestic market to the different investors for the provision of production inputs.
  • Coordinating research and development activities and sharing of information with other competent Authorities.
  • Enforcing compliance with requirements to prevent the unauthorized use of Free Zones and business enterprises in the Free Zones.
  • Perform any other functions incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Free Zones Act or the performance of the functions of the Authority.

Quality Service Delivery is one of the great values a client based organization should have and UFZA is committed to attaining this by;

  • Ensuring that telephone calls are responded to within 3 rings.
  • Acknowledging receipt of all written correspondences and responding accordingly within 2 working days.
  • Maintaining proper records of both the investors and suppliers.
  • Supporting the import and export processes of the goods and services in and out of the Free Zones.
  • Ensuring timely and proper payment for goods and services supplied to the Authority within 30 days of receipt of statement.
  • Providing a response to investors about UFZA’s decision on the applications for a licence into Free Zones within 3 months.
  • Approving the development and site plans in Free Zones.

To help us serve you better, we ask that you:

  • Give timely response to information and documents required for the different license acquisition processes.
  • Comply with conditions prescribed by the Free Zones Authority and the Ugandan laws.
  • Provide accurate information and authentic documents as required.
  • Build open and honest relationships with UFZA and foster respect, courtesy and corporation with our staff.
  • Provide the reference number of your application if you are contacting us regarding an application you have already made.
  • Give us details of changes in your circumstances as soon as the changes occur.
  • Inform us if you have special requirements, such as needing interpreter assistance.

At UFZA, we invite FEEDBACK.

The Authority will from time to time request her valued partners to provide their honest feedback concerning the services provided.

The UFZA clients will be requested to submit their complaints or concerns through the UFZA website, email, letters, interviews or surveys to the Director Legal and Corporate Affairs. This can also be done through the Suggestion Box at our main office. All information received will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

All concerns or complaints received will be investigated upon, resolved at the earliest and feedback given to the respective parties.

The afflicted party or client has the right to appeal against any decision made by the Authority as provided for in section 75 of the Free Zones, Act 2014.

We would like to hear from you. For more clarification, please contact us on.


Address: 6th Floor Communications House,
Plot 1 Colville Street,
P.O. Box 37578, Kampala
Email: helpdesk@freezones.go.ug
Tel. +256 417 722 600
Website: www.freezones.go.ug