Uganda is an extremely resource rich country with great potential to develop into Africa’s top investment destination in Free Zones. Uganda is reported to have improved at the ease of doing business ranking 2019 by World Bank from 135 to 127 out of 190 economies. With a predictable investment environment, a fully liberalised economy, good market access, a strong natural resource base and a commitment to the private sector by the government, the establishment of Free Zones will ultimately enhance economic growth and industrial development of the Country.

  • Is peaceful and politically stable
  • In addition to the EAC population of 145 million consumers, has access to the other regional markets of COMESA (400 million) and SADC (215million) as well as preferential access to the EU and US markets
  • Has a relatively large labour force, some of them highly skilled and enterprising
  • Has some of the best climatic conditions and natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa for agricultural production and for tourism

Uganda is an oasis of political stability that has great potential and opportunities. Uganda is centrally located. Not many countries have the kind of advantage Uganda has in economic terms. Utilise this advantage…. Uganda is an untouched potential and the time to go for the opportunities there is now. – H.E Mustafa Gunay, Uganda’s Honorary Consul to Turkey