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Uganda Free Zones Authority (UFZA) in partnership with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS), hosted a blood donation drive on Friday, 7th June 2024, at Communications House as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This was in response to the call by UBTS to address the blood shortage in various hospitals across the country.


UBTS is the body mandated to conduct blood donor recruitment and mobilization countrywide while IRA is the regulatory body for the insurance industry in Uganda.

The one day annual drive was under the theme “Donate Blood Save Lives” and collected eighty (80) units of blood. 

UFZA is established by Act 5 of 2014 (the Free Zones Act) with an overarching objective of facilitating the production of value-added export competitive goods and services and creating extraterritorial customs areas to attract FDI and DDI to help Uganda escape the trap of an extractive economic imperialism.


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