Free Zones Licensees trained on use of URA’s ASYCUDA Platform (FZ9)

Reagan Basoga (Manager Warehousing – URA), addresses participants at the training at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala on 8th June 2022

UFZA held a training for the Free Zones licencees and their clearing agents on the processes of importation and exportation of goods on the Asycuda Platform (FZ9) dedicated for Free Zones. The training was held in conjunction with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on 8th June 2022 at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.

The Government of Uganda embarked on the implementation of a national Electronic Single Window System (ESWS) that aims at establishing a facility to allow Importers and Exporters to submit international trade documents and information electronically to government regulatory Agencies and UFZA is part of the system.

This training will enable Free Zones to have a seamless process in customs which is now largely electronic. It helps to facilitate trade efficiency and competitiveness by substantially reducing transaction time and costs. It further improves security by streamlining procedures of cargo control, transit and clearance and enhances the transparency of transactions.