1. Prior to Investment

  • Identifying and mapping areas to be declared as free zones.
  • Providing knowledge on the Ugandan business environment, investment opportunities and rules of operation.
  • Providing, constructing, developing, altering, adopting, maintaining and administering free zones.
  • Approving the development and site plans in free zones in accordance with the physical planning act, 2010.
  • Examining and processing applications for designation of free zones and issuing free zone developer licenses.
  • Issuing licenses for free zone developers and operators.
  • Acting as a trustee as well as a nominee shareholder on behalf of the government in any business relating to free zones including the provision of legal advice on the registration requirements with the different Government agencies.

2. Aftercare Services

  • Liaising with different agencies to ensure that all required measures to facilitate the business activities in a free zone are identified.
  • Providing Legal advice to persons undertaking development or management of free zones.
  • Generating public understanding of the necessity for a strong private sector involvement in the establishment and operation of free zones.
  • Connecting the domestic market to the different investors for the provision of production inputs.
  • Coordinating research and development activities and sharing of information with other competent authorities.
  • Enforcing compliance with requirements to prevent the unauthorized use of free zones and business enterprises in the free zones.
  • Perform any other functions incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of this Act or the performance of the functions of the Authority under this Act.